Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Question of Dowry and Arranged Marriage

after i read this story i clearly can said that they miss used the dowry. for me dowry should be the symbol of love, in order to show how ready and eager they are to get married they willing to pay the dowry. but some people took advantage of it. dowry has become a burden. not just to say within these two story, but look at the Malay's culture also. especially mother of the bride, they take it as competition with others family. whose daughter can be sold at higher price.

yes nowadays everything require money, but stop using it as excuse. because 14 thousand is more than enough. believe it or not, this also become course of the pre-marital sex. that is why i said that people involved or influence other in making decision.

i will elaborate more about this stand in my next post regarding great injustice and the married maid


  1. yes. I'm agree with you, Nakhaie. Families may suffer financial hardships due to the expensive nature of dowries. They may not be able to afford dowries, therefore prohibiting their children from marriage, causing girls to occasionally commit suicide.

  2. If dowry has become the problem in indian society, Duit Hantaran has been the burden in Malay society. I agree with you mate that they mis use of the dowry. As what you said, it should be the symbol of love and not to be the burden. For me we should think for the future. The couple love and happiness far more important than dowry or what so ever. Why must they manipulate the dowry to fulfill their special needs? Just like in the 3 idiots film where the family cannot afford to marry the only daughter in the family because the groom family set very high dowry. that was absolutely ridiculous.