Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lean On Me

Sorry my friend, because i did not uploaded picture like others. what important from me is, i saw symbols in this movie and how Mr Clark treat the students.

firstly about the symbols.

1. haler- in this movie Mr Clark walk with haler instead if rattan. the best way to educate students is not by punishment. but development. like dr jaya said...student shoul not be punish they should be develop...this what was practiced by mr Clark in the movie. look how powerless rattan can be. remember what Mr Clark said? "if you treat them like animal, they will behave like one..." please watch this movie people out there. it was a real story, you all will make benefits out of this movie.

2. Chained door- this symbolized that school are separated from outside world. this does not mean that school must not be outdated. but what i believed, this movie try to conveyed that school must not be influence by the triad, drugs or whatsoever but most importantly when Mr Clark forbid the outsiders to came in even the mayor and firemen, he tried to said school must not be influence but politics!!!!!! stop changing the policy and what ever experiment you want to do in order of 'your' political survival you must not drag school in this matter!!!! then you can only talk about developing our education.

i hope those will understand.

look at how Mr Clark greet and hug their students, this is what we call a magic touch. i dont wnat to elaborate, watch this movie and you will understand better.

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