Friday, January 28, 2011


Beauty and the Beast is my favorite childhood story. Care to know why do like this story?

1. The reasons you choose the story.

I choose this story because the message conveyed to the reader. It was about people, majority of the people can only see the beast inside the person but believe in me, every beast or bad people want to be accepted. in this story people believe in Gaston they handsome guy and a sweet talker. Peoples are so into these factor even in Malaysia. although it is totally false but people will listen because of the one who create the story. only a few can see the good inside the beast and that what make the "beast change into normal guy"...i hope you know what i mean

2. What element(s) in the story that make you think that the story is interesting.

the characterization and people attitude shown in the story. so Malaysia LAH...It happen even between the lecturers. Okay pull stop.

3.The portrayal of characters in the story

the portrayal in this story is so complete. they wise, the swindler and the follower. the wise refer to maurice and the beauty, the swindler refer to gaston and the follower refer to the people in the story. the beauty was not be fool by the appearance but get to now the beast herself while gaston start to make false story about the beast so that people will hate the beast. and the people in the story is so dumb and believe what Gaston said and straight away treat the beast badly even though they not even meet the beast once. just because of the appearance they fail to look at the reality.

4. The plot of the story.

the ploy of the story just like other story..

5. The suitability of the story as children story.

This story should be read since child because it may change us from being in the follower group. stop teach student about do not steal or cheat because to much story already. start with this kind of message now.

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